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Why Choose Us

To develop the overall personality of students it is necessary to motivate them to perform their talent in front of everyone. College motivates students to identify their hidden potential so that they can be confident and multi-talented.

With a changing scenario, women have started actively participating in all behavior such as education, politics, media, science, technology, etc. More than 50% of women's contribution is in form of unpaid economic activities. The increasing level of education and awareness makes women more independent intake the economic decision.

Education, the only key must therefore make efforts for imparting knowledge, learning, and mastering modern skills and methods than merely storing and distributing the traditional ones.

To fulfill this purpose of training of mind and mastering skills and harnessing science, commerce, humanities, and technology as well to profitable and productive processes of economic growth and social well-being, the technological and competition-based education system has to be continuously reviewed and adopted.

A Large spacious fully air-conditioned auditorium caters to the need for the appropriate ambiance to conduct various cultural events, competitions, auditions, and other activities. The Great Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual devices providing services such as video conferencing, film presentations & a cinema screen. Art, culture, drama, dance, music, ballet, singing, and other forms bring out the creativity of an individual. The college encourages students to have clubs that can act as a forum to plan for training and performances. Our College provides a platform for its student's talent in the form of organizing different cultural programs, conferences, seminars, etc. for which we have a spacious & modern auditorium. A big Auditorium within the campus serves as an excellent venue for these events.