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Types of Universities in India - Deemed, State, Central, Private

  • Wed Mar, 2024

The main types of universities are Deemed Universities, State Universities, Central Universities, and Private Universities. Here's an in-depth explanation of each.

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Network Neuroscience Theory of Human Intelligence

  • Wed Feb, 2024

The Network Neuroscience Theory of Human Intelligence builds upon the idea that intelligence arises from the intricate interactions and connectivity patterns within the brain's neural network. 

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The Future of Education Technology

  • Mon Jan, 2024

The future of education technology is poised for transformative advancements that leverage innovation to enhance learning experiences.

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What Is Hybrid Learning? All You Need To Know

  • Mon Dec, 2023

A combination of traditional classroom instruction and online learning is known as hybrid learning. Both online resources and materials and in-person instruction are available to students.

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MAT vs. MEd: Comparing Degrees and Career Options

  • Tue Nov, 2023

While the Master of Education (MEd) is generally thought to be for those who aspire to administrative roles, the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is often thought of as helping classroom teachers advance their skills.